Shipping & Handling

At Mincey Marble, every precaution is taken to guarantee the quality of the product that we manufacture and ship. Each step of the process, from the initial placement of your order, to the pre-scheduled time and date of delivery is overseen by our Shipping Department. Once the order is received, our shipping specialists will determine the most efficient shipping routes based on the specific requirements for that order.  When the manufacturing process is complete, the product is crated and then stored in our warehouse until it is ready to be loaded and shipped to the construction site. It is our promise to you, that we will work diligently to manufacture, package, ship and deliver your order to the specified job site in the most efficient manner possible. Additional shipment information can be found by reviewing the documents located on this page.

We oversee each step of the process. It is our 
promise to you that we will work diligently to 
efficiently produce, package, ship and deliver 
your order to the job site.


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