Mincey University
Installation Training


Mincey Marble is a manufacturing plant. We do not install. We HIGHLY recommend that your panel systems be installed by a certified installer. They are aware of the meticulous nature of the installation of our panel systems. They have been trained on the proven techniques and procedures required to correctly complete the installation. As part of their training, they learn how to uncrate, handle, trim, install and maintain our products.
More About Our Training Opportunities

Our quailified customer service/training specialists will teach you everything you need to know about how to install our products. With the right technique and knowledge, our products can be installed with great efficiency, saving you and your company precious time and money. Accompanied by a syllabus and workbook, our training programs are sure to teach installers the perfect techniques for handling, trimming, installing and maintaining our products. We have a training facility located here at our facility in Gainesville, Georgia. Contact us to get more information and register your crew for one of our training sessions!