Mincey Colors

Cast Marble Colors
Fresh. Simple. Uncomplicated. Solids are the perfect choice to complement other colors and textures.
Solid colors are available for panel systems, shower pans and accessories.










Light Gray




Hardware Finishes
Almost all of our shower doors and accessories are offered in
Polished, Brushed or Black Matte finishes.




Black Matte


Please Note

The hardware finish options shown are for color and finish comparison ONLY.

We DO NOT offer samples of hardware finish options.

Trench Drain Covers
Our trench drain covers are offered in decorative or solid form as shown below. All trench drain covers are available in
Brushed or Powder Coated finishes. Powder coated finishes come in matte only to closely match your cast
marble products and require an upcharge. Check for availability of powder coated options.
Decorative Trench Drain Cover
Solid Trench Drain Cover
Please Note

We DO NOT offer samples of the trench drain covers.

Ceramic Colors
Almost all of our ceramic colors are available in matte and gloss finishes. Check for availability.