Shower Panels
Tub and shower surrounds for hospitality, multifamily, and more. 

Elevate your property with cast marble showers designed for both elegance and practicality. Our non-porous, groutless panels simplify maintenance and deliver a luxurious showering experience. Built for commercial use, these durable surrounds stay looking new for years. 


Completely groutless, our tile patterns are designed with realistic textured grout lines. You get the sophisticated appearance of traditional tile without the hassle. No regrouting. No resealing. Ever. 

Not interested in a tile look? Mincey offers a variety of designs featuring unique shapes and textured finishes that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Start generating revenue sooner. Mincey eliminates days of grouting, tiling, curing, and sealing. Our certified installers typically complete at least 8 showers per day. Our tub and shower surrounds are simply trimmed onsite and installed with cast marble adhesive.

Mincey is fantastic. I have worked with them on 3 Hilton projects now as a General Contractor. I would highly recommend and will definitely use them on future hospitality projects.

Max Troutman
Martel Construction

Mincey Marble is great, they provided timely responses, thoroughness to details, and a great product!

Grant Hanlon
Concorde Construction

Customer Service is top notch. Mincey pulled some strings to get my client a partial order much sooner than anticipated. They made it happen quickly, along with providing excellent & friendly service.

Patti Luciano
Muse Design Inc.
How does Mincey Compare? 
Easier to maintain than tile. More durable than fiberglass.

Complete the Shower

Pair your panels with our shower pans and shower doors. 

Fresh. Simple. Uncomplicated. Our panels and pans are available in the following colors.

How Do I Know What Size to Order?

Under each product's technical specifications is a list of sizes for that design. You want to order the size largest to what you need. Your installer will then cut to exact measurements onsite. We offer the most common sizes so that minimal waste is being created on the jobsite. When you order our panels, we'll also request your shower's measurements to ensure you order the correct size.

Do You Apply the Panels Directly to the Drywall?

Yes, our panels can be applied directly to water-resistant drywall and most other substrate using 1) cast marble adhesive or 2) construction adhesive and silicone. You don't need any kind of waterproofing membrane or cement backerboard!

Can Your Panels Be Used for Tubs?

Yes! Any panel you see on our website can also be used as a tub surround. We simply block off mold to avoid waste.

Do I Need to Order Trim?

All Mincey panels come with finished edges. For a real tile look, we offer metal trim to complement our tile patterns. Our cast marble trim is available in a variety of sizes and ideal for covering up old material.

Can Mincey Panels Be Installed Over Existing Tile?

Yes, as long as your existing tile is in good shape. We recommend that you have a certified installer look at your project beforehand to advise you. You will also need to cover both the edge of the tile and the marble panels with our cast marble trim.

How do shelves and footrests attach to the panels?

All shelves, footrests, and soap dishes are mounted after the wall panels have been installed. Footrests should be installed in an area with wood blocking. If no wood blocking is present, WingIt fasteners will need to be ordered from Mincey. Installation includes truss head screws and the use of silicone. 

For larger shampoo shelves, installation may be similar to that of our footrests. Smaller shelves may only require silicone and hot glue.

Please refer to each product's individual installation instructions.

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Mincey Marble is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of cast marble shower pans and panel systems for the commercial industry. Bring elevated design to your next hotel or multi-family project with our wide assortment of tile-like patterns, unique shapes, and textured finishes. Mincey panels and pans are durable, nonporous, and never require grouting or resealing. All of our cast marble products are designed and manufactured in the USA, bringing you personalized customer service, shorter lead times, and outstanding quality. Mincey serves the hospitality, multi-family, senior living, military housing, and student housing industries.