The production process for the manacturing of cast marble products is a fascinating procedure.

We begin with a custom mold set to your specific requirements.
The mold is rolled into the spray booth where it is inspected, cleaned and sprayed with gel-coat before moving to the curing area to dry.
Next it’s taken to the pouring department where an exact mixture of ground marble, pigment and a polyester resin are combined in a computer controlled mixing machine.
This state of the art computerized machine heats the mixture to a pre-set temperature, adds the catalyst, and then pumps it onto
the mold.
After the mold is filled, it is then rolled to a curing area.
Here it is placed on a shaker table to release any air that may be trapped in the mix.
When the proper amount of time has passed, it is removed from the mold in the demold department, inspected, and then taken to the finishing department.
Here the product is inspected again then loaded into custom designed crates and sealed. Weekly, random audits are conducted on all finished goods at this point.

Our crew started installing this week at the Kearney Holiday Inn as we continue to remodel our second floor guest rooms... We've worked with Mincey Marble Mfg., Inc. for over 20 years and have their surrounds in almost all of our hotels.

Younes Hospitality
Holiday Inn Express
Cast Marble is a Craft
and we Wrote the Book on it

All of our products are manufactured with a non-porous, gel coat surface that never requires sealing. The sealed surface of our products offers an inherent advantage over naturally porous natural stone surfaces, Our products are much more durable than fiberglass, plastic laminate or acrylic.

Made in America

All of the manufacturing materials required for our cast marble products from suppliers that are owned and operated here in the U.S.

Every care and precaution is taken to guarantee the quality of each product manufactured.
For daily cleaning, use soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner such as Windex™, GlassPlus™, or Magic Eraser™.
Custom design services are available on a case-by-case basis for clients with unique needs. Contact our sales staff for more information.
Color is part of our everyday life. We make it easy for you to choose what works best for your property.
From the initial placement of your order to the pre-scheduled time and date of delivery, we oversee each step of the process.
Project Map

Mincey Marble products are manufactured for specific jobs and shipped from our facilities in Gainesville, GA., direct to the jobsite. From initial quote to scheduled delivery, you will experience the finest customer service in the industry. We are commited to bringing you the highest quality products possible. See our past projects and where we have delivered to.